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  1. prmcewen
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    Neither Molyneux nor Rand are great philosophers and neither UPB nor Objectivism detail great systems of ethics.

    Most of the great philosophers who described a theory of ethics were not libertarians. However, they were not explicitly opposed to libertarianism either. If you are searching for the best system of ethics, why limit your search to just libertarian philosophers?

    There are many examples of people justifying libertarian conclusions from any number of different starting ethics. For example, in Anarchy, State and Utopia, Nozick built upon a system of Kantian ethics. I find such theories strongly rooted in the work of great philosophers to be the most convincing representations of libertarian ethics.

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  3. Gabrielė Stakaitytė
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    I think Rand was definitely the better philosopher, and I often find Molyneux stretches his arguments to define his UPB ideas. I agree though that there’s no need to rely on specifically libertarian philosophers, since there are plenty whose ideas on ethics can be inherently construed as libertarian although they may not have labelled themselves as such.